Professional services for hospitals

Implementation of Project Management

Each organization is currently implementing numerous projects and this term has become an attractive substitute for the tasks we perform. On the other hand, we often approach the implementation of complex, long-term goals, combining the responsibility and resources of many Hospital departments, which require a systematic management method, as if we were running day-to-day operations.
There are two recognized project management methods globally used – the Prince2 methodology, which, due to the hierarchical organizational structure of hospitals, has grown out of the American experience in the PMI computer industry and is derived from large government projects in the UK.

A professional approach to project management allows not only to create a temporary organization, grant appropriate powers to team members and achieve the set goal within the set deadline, but allows to control at each stage whether the implemented project is still justified and the final goal will bring the expected benefits to our organization.

In the very complex Hospital structures, a systematized approach to project implementation and the use of certain management tools appears very helpful and, in some situations, seems indispensable.

We will be happy to make an appointment for a free consultation, analyse the portfolio of current projects, select appropriate tools, trainings and analyse the possibilities of implementing project management in the Hospital.