Professional services for hospitals

Building and implementing rescue programmes

Loss occurrence in the financial statements of SP ZOZ is a typical situation, so the obligation to prepare Repair Programmes is common. Due to the very open, public nature of such a Programme, which on the one hand constitutes an element of ownership supervision and on the other communicates restructuring changes to hospital employees, it should be well-thought out and consulted by specialists in various areas – finance, law, medical statistics, operational management, HR, communication, PR, etc. Building such a team of specialists and a 3-month statutory period for preparing such a document without additional external support often turns out to be very hard, and additionally distracts from effective running of current operational activities.

Our cooperation with the hospital in the area is in 3 stages:
• analysis and development of corrective actions,
• communication of the Repair Programme and its verification up to approval of the creating entity,
• the Repair Programme deployment and training of the staff responsible for its accomplishment.

Our cooperation often involves the 4th stage i.e. settlement of results after the next year completion and introduction of corrective actions.

We will be pleased to make an appointment for the first free consultation and carry out a preliminary analysis to assess what corrective measures in the hospital will allow us to restore a stable financial situation and a positive result within 3 years.