Professional services for hospitals

Advice in the process of contracting NFZ services – offer preparation

Information on services contracting is announced by the NFZ usually 2 – 3 weeks before the deadline for submitting tenders. The complexity of preparing such a tender, and above all, the provider’s preparation makes it a real race against time. It is a regular practice that the majority of the Ministry of Health Regulations that govern a given range of services appear immediately before the scheduled tender, just to further increase the stress.

Our long-standing practice shows that medical entities are usually not formally prepared, do not have adequate equipment and do not employ appropriate medical staff.

Concurrently, smaller entities often lack knowledge in which scope of services they could apply for a contract with the NFZ and thus offer their patients public financing of medical service.

We will be happy to make an appointment for a free consultation, conduct a preliminary audit of the NFZ contract conditions and propose an appropriate form of cooperation. In case of a competition announced, the cooperation will depend on our assessment of the opportunity to prepare the tender correctly.