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for hospitals

We get involved in difficult problems only.

A few words about me

I have been engaged in health care activities for 20 years, at various levels. I have carried out many restructuring projects and implemented many repair programs to optimize the way the hospital operates and the hospital economic performance.

I see my work as a constant search for new, unconventional organizational solutions, adapted to the specific conditions of a given entity, allowing to achieve measurable outcomes and opening many opportunities for further development.
I feel a great sense of satisfaction when my project leaves its enduring mark on the organization.

Many years and many times I have been “on the other side”, so I understand perfectly well the loneliness of a director and the problems he/she is confronted every day with.

I believe that every crisis provides an opportunity to change and find a better way to achieve our goals.

Why us?

We provide support at all stages of cooperation, starting with defining problems, through preparing relevant reports, implementing solutions in the organization, to stabilizing the introduced changes and verifying results.



Only properly compiled data allow to draw the right conclusions, so we comprehensively verify all information received from different hospital departments.



Planning allows to prepare the organization for upcoming changes, allows to see various ways and the consequences of choosing one of them.



Even the best planned project will not bring any results without its effective implementation in the organization.

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Fields of operation

Implementation of Project Management

In the medical sector, where market conditions and legal regulations are modified very dynamically, proper project management can be a decisive element for success.