20 years of experience in the medical sector

Company history

I opened my office in 2009 when many hospitals were going through a difficult process of changing their activities from SP ZOZ to capital companies.

Such a process exposed both the system shortcomings and years of neglect in hospitals. Sometimes it was due to underinvestment, but an equally difficult problem to overcome was organisational mess and lack of knowledge.

The staff assisting directors in their activities have been frequently associated with the same place for years and lacked proper training, not noticing the changes taking place, so they used beliefs and procedures that were useless long time ago.

I have also observed that as hospital directors we have a problem with finding the right people, co-workers, who could work with us in a crisis situation at a similar level of problem understanding and at the same time support strategy designed and dedicated for a hospital, including appropriate analyses, reports and expert opinions.

About us

Creativity and Understanding

Leader and Team

I know the value of a leader, but I am also aware a leader means nothing if not surrounded by the right people. On a daily basis, I cooperate with a group of proven specialists, however, it is not uncommon for me to create teams tailored to specific design requirements when designing and implementing complex, multidimensional solutions.

Sometimes greater involvement of lawyers, sometimes of accountants and economists is required, sometimes you have to be strongly supported by IT specialists and, importantly, the team must in an effective and flexible way collaborate with the hospital’s team not to disrupt ongoing operations.

Among other things, the greatest value I always leave behind in the hospitals I work with, is to appoint leaders and build efficient and well-organized teams.
Change implementation not only transforms the organisation itself; it mainly changes the people.

And allows me to go further being aware that the projects and strategies I have implemented will be executed and will bring lasting benefits.

Unconventional Solutions

Proven solutions are a good basis, but the surrounding reality is constantly changing, so we always look for creative solutions tailored to the current situation.


Setting a goal, its thorough understanding and finding a business case always provides the most important stage in the projects. We focus on them because we believe this is the only way to achieve outstanding results.

Constant Development

On closing one stage, another one opens immediately, and you must be prepared for it. This way never ends. A continuous process of growth may be the only answer.